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UNISA: PR Campaign

Reputation Management, Brand Enhancement, and Capacity Building

Media advisory, brand enhancement, misinformation counteracting, engaging internal communities, and capacity building.

Our comprehensive approach was tailored to address the university’s needs, aiming to improve stakeholder satisfaction, enhance brand reputation, and foster a unified sense of belonging among staff and students. We take immense pride in what UNISA aims to achieve and feel privileged to have played a part in this transformational journey.

Client: UNISA
Services: Diagnostic analysis and mitigation strategy, media relations advisory, brand enhancement, misinformation management, engagement campaign design, capacity building

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Transforming Digital Communications for a World-Class University

UNISA is the only higher education institution to carry the name of South Africa, it is the people’s university in every sense of the word.

UNISA, a renowned South African university, encompasses three core facets in its operations – education, research, and community engagement. Their commitment to spearheading innovative research, engaging with their community, and promoting African arts and culture is commendable.

Their commitment to spearheading innovative research, engaging with their community, and promoting African arts and culture is commendable.

The Client

UNISA: The University of South Africa



PR and Brand Reputation Management
Brand Development
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Increased Social trust
PR Campaign
Social Campaign

The Objective

As UNISA strived to ensure maximum stakeholder satisfaction, they recognised the need for a robust and comprehensive strategy to diagnose and mitigate challenges, manage media relations, enhance their brand, counter misinformation, engage the university community, and impart crucial skills within the UNISA team.

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The Approach

At Geeklab, we leveraged our extensive expertise in digital strategy to take on these challenges. We took a data-informed approach, combining diagnostic analysis, strategic planning, and targeted implementation to address each aspect of the brief.

Our process involved analyzing comments on UNISA’s social media platforms, conducting interviews with key officials, monitoring mainstream and social media, and developing and implementing mitigation strategies.

To help UNISA counter any misinformation, we assessed the scope, intensity, pace, and duration of the wrong narratives and developed strategies to counter them.

In our role as media relations advisory, we monitored and analyzed media and social media reports about UNISA, provided strategic advice, and secured media slots for the university to express its position.

Additionally, we identified opportunities to tell UNISA’s unique story proactively, prepared content, and used identified media to amplify their brand.

Finally, we developed and executed campaigns to foster unity among UNISA’s staff and students, and offered advisory services, coaching, and mentoring sessions to a selected team of officials, imparting critical communication and strategy skills.

Our Impact

Our work with UNISA represented a comprehensive approach to digital strategy, aligning with their unique needs and challenges. We are proud to have played a part in enhancing UNISA’s digital communications, improving stakeholder satisfaction, and reinforcing their brand in the digital sphere.

Our collaboration illustrates Geeklab’s commitment to delivering bespoke digital solutions that address the distinct needs of our clients and contribute to their continued success.

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