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Geeklab’s E-Commerce software is a fully loaded toolkit with everything you need to sell your products online and reach your customers from anywhere.

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Our e-Commerce platforms are adaptable and versatile, making it easy to sell just about anything you can imagine, whether you sell baked goods, technology or furniture.


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Choose any Geeklab e-Commerce packages and our team of designers will build your ideal store for you, saving you the time and effort and giving your customers the convenience.

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Geeklab’s e-Commerce lets you keep track of everything with detailed reporting and analytics. Keep track of your stock numbers, sales and new customers

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Including Visa, MasterCard and Debit Cards from most South African Banks

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All transactions are safe and secured by South Africa’s #1 payment portal

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Many individuals are shifting from physically visiting a store to shopping from the convenience of their own home. Online shopping has become an increasing trend globally as it has enabled consumers to get what they want with the simple click of a button and have it delivered to their doorstep, all through e-commerce. Therefore, including an e-commerce site into your business model can be very beneficial for the business’s overall success.

A simpler reach for a wider range of customers and the needed exposure to other businesses are the main benefits of e-commerce to business owners. 

Most consumers these days begin online product searches primarily on their smart phones. If you don’t have an online presence, how will they learn about your company’s offering? The power of digital marketing coupled with search engine optimisation creates tremendous opportunities for sales and growth.

Stock Management:

Keep an eye on your stock levels and get notified when they are low.

PDF Invoices:

Automatically send your customers invoices for their purchase with your company logo.


Get in-depth reports on everything that’s going on in your store, from stock to orders.

Customer Accounts:

Your customers get access to their order history and receipts online for easy admin.

Custom Emails:

Automatically send beautiful emails to your customers with your company logo.

Multiple Payments:

Accept EFT, Credit/Debit cards or Snap Scan. Give your customers the choice.

Point Of Sale:

Connect your physical store to your online store with our in-store P.O.S*

Works with Mobicred

Give your customers the freedom to buy on Credit with Mobicred [Learn More]

Step by step guidance:

We’ll give you the guidance you need to prepare your business for online trading.*

*Package dependant. Point of sale option only available as an enterprise option through Geeklab.

Here’s the deal

What can G-Commerce do for me?

E-commerce is driven by the internet, where users can enter an online store to browse and place orders for whatever they want on their own devices.

An e-commerce platform is a tool that is used to operate an e-commerce business. E-commerce platform options exist for clients ranging in size from small businesses to large organizations. 


We’ll design your store or website for you.

Look the part with a stylish and professional website that is sure to give you the competitive edge. Our team will build your store with your logos and images.

We’ll get you hooked up and ready to succeed.

Our team will get you hooked up from A-Z. We provide all the essentials you need to start delivering products, including Courier partners.

We’ll give you all the information you need.

Other than products flying off the shelf, the best way to know how your business is doing is with G-Commerce’s built in reports and analytics.

Types of E-commerce we provide?

Business to Consumer (B2C): 

B2C e-commerce is the most common e-commerce model. Business to consumer means that the sale occurs between a business and a consumer, like when you buy clothes from an online retailer.


Business to Business (B2B): 

B2B e-commerce refers to a business selling something to another business, like a manufacturer and wholesaler. Business to business e-commerce isn’t consumer-facing and usually includes products like raw materials, software, or combined products. 

Direct to Consumer (D2C): 

Direct to consumer e-commerce is the newest model of e-commerce. D2C means that a brand sells directly to its end customer without going through a retailer, distributor, or wholesaler. Subscriptions are a popular D2C item and social selling via social media platforms.

Consumer to Consumer (C2C): 

C2C e-commerce relates to the sale of a good or service from one consumer to a different consumer. 

Consumer to Business (C2B): 

Consumer to business is a person selling their services or products to a business organization. In addition, C2B incorporates influencers offering exposure, photographers, consultants, freelance writers, etc…



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What Are The Benefits?


  • E-commerce links sellers and buyers despite their geographical location. The opportunities to endorse a company’s products and services have become limitless.
  • The cost of creating and maintaining an online store is much lower compared with the cost of opening a physical store space.
  • An online platform allows consumers to shop and companies to drive sales round-the-clock.
  • Businesses can also receive and promptly respond to customers’ questions and requests, promoting customer service, customer loyalty, and retention.
  • Process automation is another great benefit. E-commerce platforms with combined billing and delivery service APIs make it possible to prepare an invoice and delivery note within two clicks. An admin panel facilitates product stock management and keeping the descriptions, pictures, names, categories, etc., up to date.
  • Online sales help lessen expenditure in communication and infrastructure, even for large established companies.
  • The system gathers data about the customers, orders, stock, etc., allowing businesses to obtain statistics and discover trends. This helps develop strategies and improve their marketing and sales efforts to maximize profits.
  • The use of innovations and technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots, augmented and virtual reality, aids conversions, sales, and business growth.


Right from the project discovery stage through the ongoing support of your online store or marketplace, Geeklab can be your entrusted outsourcing partner. Our team possess a thorough understanding of the e-commerce industry, the most prevalent and emerging relevant technologies, exceptional user experience and modern online shopping interfaces.

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