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Scientrix: Crafting a User-Centric Experience for Strategy Execution Excellence

Geeklab embarked on a collaborative journey with Scientrix, the leading provider of strategy execution software, to enhance their digital presence, streamline user experience, and drive growth. Our full suite of services, including website design, UI/UX overhaul, and strategic marketing, transformed Scientrix’s platform into a user-centric powerhouse.


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The Client:

Scientrix empowers businesses and executives with a cutting-edge strategy execution platform. Their exclusive, high-end software helps industry leaders translate strategy into action, driving tangible results.

The Challenge:

Scientrix needed a digital experience that mirrored the sophistication of their software. Their goals were to increase reach, improve user experience, and convert qualified leads, all while maintaining their established brand identity.


Website Design Public Relations Social Media Management


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The Solution:

Revitalized UI/UX Design: We redesigned the Scientrix interface, focusing on intuitive navigation and a seamless user experience.

Elevated Website Presence: Using WordPress and Flatsome, we built a website that expertly highlighted their unique value proposition and attracted their target audience.

Strategic Multi-Channel Marketing: Social media campaigns, targeted content, and video creation propelled Scientrix’s reach, increasing brand awareness among key decision-makers.

Compelling Brand Refresh: A refreshed logo and visual identity underscored Scientrix’s position as an industry thought leader.


Geeklab’s solutions exceeded Scientrix’s expectations, resulting in a long-term partnership focused on continuous growth and success. The revitalised platform positions Scientrix as the preeminent choice for businesses seeking a sophisticated and intuitive strategy execution solution.

40% increase in website traffic

70% increase in social media reach

65% increase in conversions and qualified leads

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