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Old Mutual: Igniting Educational Engagement with the TikTok Challenge

Geeklab partnered with Old Mutual, a leading financial services provider, to launch an innovative TikTok campaign designed to promote their educational apps, “Matric Live” and “Velle”. The nationwide #OMEducationChallenge inspired South African matric students to showcase their learning journeys and creatively demonstrate how Old Mutual’s tools empower their success.

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The Client:

Old Mutual is a renowned financial services company with a deep commitment to supporting education initiatives in South Africa. Their innovative educational apps aim to enhance the learning experience of students across the country.

The Challenge:

Old Mutual sought to increase awareness and adoption of their “Matric Live” and “Velle” apps among South African matric students. The goal was to inspire engagement while showcasing the positive impact of technology on education.


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old mutual tiktok campaign

The Solution:

National TikTok Challenge: Geeklab designed and launched the #OMEducationChallenge, encouraging matric students to create short videos highlighting how they use Old Mutual’s apps effectively within their studies.

Strategic Influencer Partnerships: We partnered with relevant influencers to amplify the challenge’s reach and connect with the student demographic authentically.

Cross-Platform Promotion: We leveraged radio, educational institutions, and Old Mutual’s social media channels to maximise visibility and participation in the challenge.


The TikTok Challenge showcased the power of technology within education, positioning Old Mutual as a leader in supporting student success. The campaign fostered a vibrant online community and underscored Old Mutual’s commitment to innovation and social impact.

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