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Web hosting includes website files stored on one or more servers or computers, whereas email hosting refers only to email data storage. As a result, the comparison can become confusing when a company offers both plans. 

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To put it plainly, the web host serves up web pages when a user types into a web browser.

In comparison, an email host owns the server from which content is fetched when an email is sent to Unfortunately, the line between email and web hosting has become obscured in recent years, as more providers offer combination packages that incorporate free hosting for your email accounts along with the web hosting plan you have selected. 

Luckily, the roles and responsibilities happening behind the curtain are pretty simple. Your website, domain, and email accounts are three separate things that can exist in various places.

Domain hosting

Domain hosting is a related service worth mentioning for the sake of clarity. Your domain is the distinguished name given to your website, e.g., You register that chosen name with a domain registrar, but you need domain hosting for that domain to be online. Often, you’ll get domain and web hosting in one fell swoop. 

Website hosting

Website Hosting is a service that basically lets your website live on the internet and be available online and your website content is hosted on a server which is a computer that serves information to other computers.

Email hosting

Email hosting is a email content storage service where your email content is stored on a server. It can be the identical server hosting your website content, a server controlled by another host, or two separate servers overseen by the identical hosting company.

Both are rendered by hosting services and are vital components of conducting business and dictate how you communicate with your employees and consumers online. Email hosting as well as web hosting may seem similar, but they function in two fundamentally different ways. 

Both of them host your content and service, but the fundamental differences lie in how they are stored and sent. Picking the correct method can do phenomena for your company by boosting conversion rates, letting you access critical digital features and enhancing your sales.

Geeklabs website hosting services can host company and business websites, which are generally more intricate and call for a complete package that provides database support, application development platforms, firewall security protection and backups. In addition, Geeklab can grant clients a full spectrum of host solutions or configurations.

Shared Hosting Benefits

Modern-day innovations in online hosting have lead to package deals, including features of both hosting options. This can aid companies achieve the best of both approaches in the same server.

Choosing the right hosting solution is critical when taking your business online. Think of your hosting provider as an employee; you want to select the best applicant for the job.  

At Geeklab, we use your vision and our experience to create something that will satisfy your needs. 

Easy to set up:

Using the identical hosting provider means you don’t have to maintain your email on a separate account, and you will be familiar with the host and how they operate from the way they have managed your website.

Most familiar perks:

If you use a web hosting service for your email, you will still get entrance to most of the benefits of utilising an autonomous email host, like a domain name and access to your email anywhere.

A viable option for small businesses:

Shared website and email hosting is most commonly used by small businesses, who have less workforce and finances to split the services between two providers.

Affordability / Cost-effective:

You can use both services for a much lower price than using two independent providers.

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