Basic Terms and Conditions

All prices are excluding VAT, unless otherwise stated.
Estimates are valid for a period of 7 days only.

Costs for estimates are based on information supplied by the client and can vary based on changes requested by the client.

Please note any delays in communication or action from the client will have a direct impact on delivery or meeting any deadlines. Whilst service delivery times are given in good faith and Geeklab will use every endeavour to comply therewith, no responsibility can be accepted for any loss or damage incurred by the Customer on account of any delay in service delivery arising out of any circumstances beyond our reasonable control, which circumstances will included, but in no way be limited to: any delays in the supply of goods/services by our Suppliers which cannot be directly or indirectly attributed to them; if the balance of the purchase price payable on delivery is not payable on date of anticipated delivery.

Any change requests after the estimate has been approved, including design, content updates, development, functionality or scope of the project, which was not included in the initial estimate, will incur additional charges at our standard hourly rates.

We cannot be held liable for the accuracy of any information supplied by the client or the performance of the website or online marketing.

All invoices are sent by email and are due by the 1st of every month, in advance for that particular month.

All payments made to Geeklab for any approved, accepted, signed off projects, work or other requests, will be considered non-refundable by our refund policy.
If an invoice is overdue (30 days or over), we reserve the right to stop all or any services provided and charge the client an administration fee on any outstanding amounts at the rate of 2% per month/24% per annum in accordance with the provisions of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005 (“NCA”)”.

Our pricing for services or packages are reviewed yearly and increases will be applied from the 1st of March of every year. Also note some of our services or packages are linked to exchange fluctuation rates and may be increased with 1 months’ notice to the client.

One calendar months’ notice is required to either cancel or request a change of any service we provide to the client.

The client hereby agrees to accept tax invoices, credit and debit notes by email in a PDF format as the original. No other tax invoice, credit or debit note will be issued, unless a copy of the original document.

If on a Care Plan, the client is hereby granted a license to USE Geeklab’s Premium Plugins.

The client is hereby granted Editor Access to the CMS to make updates to their website.

Consultation and travelling are excluded and will be billed at the standard AA per KM rates or cost and material basis.

The client hereby agrees to complete and sign a direct debit for any monthly fees due to Geeklab, based on this agreement.