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Live Chat Agents.

If you have searched for the best AI chatbot or the best live chat software tools, then you will notice none could match real human live chat agents.

When it comes to conversation intelligence a human is best (at the moment). We use real human agents and they are only assisted by artificial intelligence.

In conclusion, the best live chat support services are any service managed by competent, well trained, live chat agents.

Nothing to lose

30-Day proof of concept guarantee

We will run your website live chat on a 30 day POC. During the POC we will get an accurate picture of how many chats you get in 30 days. Based on the volume we will calculate the costs and present the fee to you at the end. You only pay the fee if you are happy with the results and choose to continue into the next month.


Setup is quick and easy

Get going from week 1

Turn your website into a complete sales and customer service tool with a 24-hour outsourced and managed live chat service or chatbot assistant.

Our live chat operators assist your web visitors. ChatMarshal will set up and manage your live chat 24 hours per day at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.

With ChatMarshal outsourced and fully managed live chat service, your live chat will never be offline and your staff will never be disrupted.

Our Live Chat operators will answer all common visitor questions and capture sales leads for escalation to you.

Live Chat can be used to share troubleshooting documents or videos, download forms, documents or brochures.

It’s the perfect sales assistant designed to increase website sales and leads

Keep track of everything

What are the benefits?

There are two main benefits to adding live chat to your website. The first is an increase in sales because your visitors are being engaged at the point of decision. The second main benefit is that live chat is a great customer service tool that allows people to ask questions and have them answered immediately. Any questions our professional live chat operators can’t answer will be escalated to you, the client, immediately.

Live chat is the web’s biggest untapped tool. See what Kissmetrics has to say

What are you waiting for? Why not give it a try? Start a 30-day POC now, Only Pay if you want to continue past the POC, no obligation. Our super quick setup will have a live chat operator working your site absolutely free, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week


Increase Online Sales

By engaging visitors at the point of interest you will be able to close more sales or acquire more inquiries to follow-up.

Control your spend

Using our live chat service you will cut down on your own expenses while the increase in sales will pay for the service.

Co-Chat Option

Option to have your staff chat to visitors when you are online and we take over when you are offline (24/7).


Getting help from a live person builds trust. Whether visitors are using a desktop or mobile phone, you can make the research easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ChatMarshall Live Chat?

ChatMarshal is a live chat service that offers both a chatbot and a human sales agent. Most common questions can be answered by a well-designed chatbot, however, people still need to speak to humans. That’s where we come in.

You can have a real person handling the live chat service on your website all day, every day! Want to see how it works? Click on the live chat button at the bottom of your screen and start a chat with one of our highly trained operators right now.

A little bit of background about us. We actually started as a cold calling and lead generation service back in 2006. We started using live chat ourselves and quickly realised the benefits to any website owner. We already had the contact centre in place and started offering a 24-hour outsourced service to website owners.

Over the years we have grown and now work with companies like Betchain, Renault, PG Glass, City Lodge, Telljoy as well as wedding venues, solar installers, even swimming schools. We offer live chat services to companies in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia. We now offer outsources live chat to any English speaking website anywhere in the world.


How Can Live Chat Improve Sales Online?

A live chat solution that is active 24 hours per day and managed properly, will guarantee more sales and lead escalations. If you are spending time and money driving traffic to your website you want to manage and improve the conversion rate.

Having a live human 24 hours a day inside your website to handle common enquiries and escalate any leads to the appropriate person is the answer. Or at least one of the answers. Live chat is proven to increase sales and new leads by 40%

The ChatMarshal service has even advanced to the point where we can do quotes and backend integration on behalf of our client. Our live chat service can even act as your admin office and reduce your staff load


What About the Free Live Chat tools out there?

Only use the free live chat tool (or fancy paid for tools) if you can do live chat properly. If not, it will damage your brand. If you are constantly offline or the person managing the live chat isn’t any good you will lose customers. There is nothing worse than seeing a live chat and opening it only to see a Leave a message note.

Rather outsource the entire live chat system to a specialist company like ChatMarshal. It does not cost a lot and it will be the best employee you ever hire. Guaranteed

Increase Sales & Leads

Make it easy to buy with a well-designed chat solution that helps people buy or request a call-back.

Technical Products

Reduce call-outs by having our agents troubleshoot with clients through live chat and escalate when needed.

Global Footprint

We provide 24-7 managed live chat and chatbot services to the United States, Canada, Great Britain, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand.

Free Software & Services

Are you a new Start-up? For one year, your business will receive free live chat software and services. To qualify for the free live chat software and operators, you must be a start-up business and need to add our banner at the bottom of your home page. T&C applies.

Improve Customer Service

Make it easy for customers to get what they want and only escalate what needs special attention.

Return on Investment

Our professional 24 hour service operates on a pay as you use model and costs less than a staff member.

Easy Setup

Register for the LIve Chat POC – We start the knowledge-base and work with you on improvements – You load our code – We train and role-play with agents – Go Live then evaluate results after 30 days – You only pay if you want to continue.

Product Champions Available

We offer product champion services for businesses that need more than just live chat agents. If you need an admin person to assist with emails, reports, etc. the Chatmarshal can supply you with a Virtual Assistant

*Package dependant. Point of sale option only available as an enterprise option through Geeklab.

Here’s the deal

Try Chat Marshal’s 30-Day Proof Of Concept! Only pay if you are satisfied!

Try our live chat operators on your site and watch your conversions climb.

An e-commerce platform is a tool that is used to operate an e-commerce business. E-commerce platform options exist for clients ranging in size from small businesses to large organizations. 


We’ll design your store or website for you.

Look the part with a stylish and professional website that is sure to give you the competitive edge. Our team will build your store with your logos and images.

We’ll get you hooked up and ready to succeed.

Our team will get you hooked up from A-Z. We provide all the essentials you need to start delivering products, including Courier partners.

We’ll give you all the information you need.

Other than products flying off the shelf, the best way to know how your business is doing is with G-Commerce’s built in reports and analytics.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Rami Sassen, Teljoy CEO

“Chatmarshal was able to increase our sales while at the same time improve customer service. Our inbound calls reduced which increased my sales staff’s productivity. I highly recommend Chatmarshal to any business that views customer service and sales as an integral part of the business:”

David van der Walt, Owner, Cognite Branding & Marketing

“Chatmarshal has provided us with a superior live chat feature for our website. It took minutes to install and is 100% compatible. The chat feature is manned by efficient and professional personnel. We have had many positive comments about ‘our’ outstanding chat agents. The service has definitely made an impact on our conversion rates and paid for itself easily.”

PG Glass CEO

“Our customers and staff are really enjoying the benefits of Chatmarshal Live Chat Service. It has really added value to our business by handling our first line enquiries, generating and escalating our sales leads.”

Brian Smith, Renault Vice President: Innovation & Projects

Since partnering with Chat Marshal, we have been able to provide a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week chat service through our website, increasing our direct engagement with clients by over 400% online. Our sales leads through this source have doubled over the period, with no material drop in our closing rate”

Abby Geiling – Tree House on Maple

I can’t believe how easy it was to get the live chat ready and working. The Chatmarshal team did a great job building the knowledgebase of Q&A’s and training their staff. Loading the code was simple and we were up and running within a week. What I thought would take up a lot of my time and resources didn’t”

Rob Fischer, Red Stack Marketing Manager

“After researching many live chat providers, we engaged Eseka to manage our live chat service, giving us 24/7 live chat coverage on our website in November 2016. Since then, we have had a 200% increase in website quotes”

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